Cedar Lane Rabbitry

Breeder of Mini Rex & Holland Lop Rabbits


I am a breeder of Mini Rex & Holland Lop rabbits. I've been raising rabbits for as long as I can remember, though I have only been working with these two small breeds since 2006. Before this, I bred strictly meat rabbits (Californian & New Zealand White).

I'm located in Fisherville, Ontario, which is just under an hour South of Hamilton, in Haldimand County.

It seems to be a continuous experiment of trial and error to find ‘the perfect rabbit’ and though not all of my rabbits are labelled as ‘show quality’, they are all happy, healthy, and friendly, which make for great pets.

I am trying to breed for Blacks, Lilacs, and Chocolates (Solid & Broken varieties) in my Mini Rex, but may also have some Blues in both Solid & Broken available from time to time.

In my Hollands I am trying for Torts, Chestnuts, and Oranges (Solid & Broken varieties), but may also have some Blacks, Blues, and Tort Otters in both Solid & Broken available from time to time.

Take a look around and let me know if you have any questions!

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UPDATED: December 13, 2018